Negative Thinking- Can We Stop It?

I know, i know it’a a cliched topic to discuss. You might be thinking- is it really possible to tame those wild stormy negative thoughts?? Well, honestly it’s not a one day ritual or seven days course that would immediately block the flow of those thoughts.

Let me break that myth for you. It does not happen that way. Negative thoughts are like those stubborn child who will keep doing things that is barred. A consistent approach is needed to tackle them.

You won’t even realize when negative thinking has taken over your personal life. It occupies your mind and make it hostage.

But, have you ever given it a thought WHY does it happen??

If we do a bit of investigation looking for the root cause of its source, it would be easier to contain it. Unconsciously, the pattern of negative thinking has become such a normal thing for you that you don’t even think it necessary to end it.

I have tried to extract a few reasons to answer WHY we don’t look for putting an end to these misbehaved thoughts.

  1. It is believed that negative thinking shields you from any future disappointment. Usually, people think that by having a consistent negative thought, any loss in future won’t affect them badly.

2. One of the major reason of negative thinking is getting detached from your so-called circle. People suffer from this disease of -‘what people will think’, and this holds them back from applying new changes in their life.

3. People sometimes are so rigid to mold their thought that they simple back out by saying- okay, I am this way only, I don’t want to change. In this case it becomes difficult to reverse their thinking because of their ignorance has become greater than anything.

4. In few scenarios, people might have cultivated the process of negative thinking from their family members, specially one who has great impact over their lives. And changing this toxic habit feels like disobeying them.

I guess, any of the above points would ring a bell in your mind… Personally, I can relate to 1st, & 2nd point.

I have been asked a lot many times the methods to end this whole process of negative thinking.

Apart from those ‘suggestions’ you have often heared to stop negative thinking, here are a few interesting techniques that you should definitely start using to put a final stop to negative thinking.

  1. The Morning Journal– It’s my favourite one and a must recommended for anxiety warriors. All you have to do is to keep a notepads and a pen ready besides your bed. When you wake up set a 2-minutes timer and start writing all those negative ideas that’s rolling in your mind.

Don’t be judgmental on paper. Just write as if it is your release. Once the timer ends take out that paper and slowly start ripping off that paper and throwing it into your garbage bin. While you are ripping that page keep chanting the word RELEASE and feel the sigh of relief.

Trust me, the moment you will realise the benefit of this ritual you will become addictive to it. And you will also notice the subtle transition in your thought pattern.

2. Reverse the Question for Yourself– I used to hammer myself with heavy negative thoughts during the initial days of my anxiety. Those questions were:

Why I have to go through all the sufferings?

Why am I a failure?

How this anxiety has made me a burden for my family?

Why do I fail no matter how much I try?

Why all these is happening to me?

It’s really important to change these fears and anxiety loaded thoughts from your mind. Or else, it will feed upon and result into a monstrous phase. We can’t instruct our mind to just stop thinking, it wont work that way.

We need to learn the art to trick our mind by giving it something else to think. Here are few questions that I prefer thinking for countering the negative thoughts.

What burden am I still carrying from past? Why I have not yet released it?

Who are they from my past, that needs to be forgiven (including me)?

What are these physical symptoms trying to tell me?

Do people really give a damn to what I say? Do they really put that much effort as I think they do?

What should be my approach for today to keep myself safe from these unwanted thoughts?

These questions will surely lend you a helping hand towards your inner progress. You need to keep a check on yourself from time to time to make sure your thoughts should be helpful not harmful.

3. Let go of Past Traumas- It’s generally believed and often said- what happend in past should stay in past. But unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way.

I have accumulated a pile of past traumas, that used to travel with me in my present. During my childhood traumas I was stucked in helplessness. And that feeling affected my brain my thought pattern adversely. Until I was unaware of this fact, I used to wonder why certain parts of me can’t work efficiently.

Anxiety warriors like me, you, and many others often fall into this trap of past traumas that result into very unhealthy level of physical symptoms.

You know, why does this happen?

Because we never care to address those traumas properly. Either we were scared to think of it again, or may be disgusted to go through that phase again by even thinking.

Understand this, it’s really important to release those unfortunate past. You need to discharge them completely by forgiving the accused and yourself too. Sticking on those incidents will only yield you discomfort for life, which surely you don’t want.

You have suffered a lot already. It’s time to heal.

4. Pay Attention to Your Posture– Scientifically, it has been proven that your physiology determines your psychology. I have noticed in myself and may be you could relate to my words, that when I am depressed and feeling anxious my shoulder lean downwards, and my spine is not erect that time.

But, when I am in good mood, I try to keep my spines erect. You might have heared it a lot many times that this body is a very sophisticated machine. You need to take care of it every single moment. I agree it’s not a overnight process. But you have to practice it deliberately every day.

Because in this case ‘IGNORANCE CAN NEVER BE BLISS.’

Conclusion– If you are really determined to put an end to negative thoughts, you need to practice all these above methods. You need to go deeper and look for its constant occurrence, like you do to treat any other ailments.

I am not saying to take up all the methods at a time. Just take one step at a time, one method at a time. Imply into your daily life until it becomes your habit, than take the other method.

After all, It’s all about how much you Practice it . And I know you will surely do it and will eventually succeed in it. I have FAITH in you.

Just go for it!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Start Healing.

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